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  • Are we like the monkey?

    A few weeks ago I was working with a local business here in Colorado Springs. My dealings with them in the past have been very pleasant and equally beneficial to us both. They provide me with a service and/or product, and I provide with money for that task. In other words, we were conducting business. During our course of business myself and an employee of this business, whom I have had pleasant interactions with in the past, had a disagreement. When he was explaining to me why he was unable to supply to me what appeared to be a simple request, his voice began to become louder. Raising your voice does not make your point clearer, it only makes your point, which now appears to ....

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  • Loss of Motivation

    Loss of Motivation. We sometime use other verbiage like “I just don’t want to do it anymore.” "I'm bored" or "I don't wanna go." Why does loss of motivation occur? Some reasons for loss of motivation are. 1. Not staying consistent 2. Not revising your goals 3. Not changing or increasing your intensity Parents, you may have come across a child who has decided that he/she just doesn’t want to do something anymore. If you look deeply enough you may find the reason the child does not want to continue something positive is because they have not been attending the activity regularly. Sure there may be other reasons like: 1. They don't want to stop ....

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  • Words of Wisdom

    To feel value some need for others to GIVE them their value. The vacancy of self worth cannot be filled by the acknowledgement of anyone else other than SELF. To seek your worth in the approval of another is to remain personally bankrupt. Your value is within you, your worth is what you dictate it to be. A man standing alone...IS STILL A MAN. Quitting is a learned behavior
    And a supported habit.
    Don’t be the teacher or the enabler.
    A public school teacher complained to her co workers about all of her students failing. The next year she taught a different grade. They too failed. When everyone around you are performing badly it is time for you to stop seeing them as ....

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  • Never are you to blame

    *Note: To grow we must take a look at ourselves to determine what we can do better. The truth does not have to hurt, instead it can propel us forward to living a better life. Lift up your head keep moving on, What happened is not your fault. You hurt others and stole from them Now you can’t believe that you got caught. You justify your actions by saying you only stole that what you need. While others obtain what they have by working hard, sweat, and bleed. You drink in the club then choose to drive Your journey is not too far Your choice leaves a young mother no longer alive And you justify now where you are. It is not my fault someone is dead The bar let me ....

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  • Success

    From time to time one our my students here in Colorado Springs will come to me asking to interview me for a school project. This is one that I received from turned out to be a good project for her and an Outstanding one for another person in our school. The same day that I answered these questions, another child training in our school went through something that this applied to. Hope it helps you as well. 1. Was there ever a time when you did not succeed? Tell me about it.

    Answer: As a child, I did not succeed in a lot. Often times I would refuse to participate in activities due to my fear of possibly failing. To participate and not "succeed" would mean that I was proving ....

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  • You can't please them all

    Tommy loves Colorado Springs. Although being young and only in middle school, he appreciates the beauty that he see's each day when he wakes up. As he has gotten older and into middle school his parents allow for him to walk to school each day. Sometimes he walks alone, but most of the time it is a group of friends walking with him. "Hurry up Tommy" yelled the new kid Devon. "You are always falling behind!" "I am not" yelled back Tommy. This new kid Devon seemed to be everyone's favorite. He just can't seem to get anything wrong. It appeared to Tommy that even the teachers like him. But no matter how hard Tommy tried, he just couldn't get Devon to be nice to him. "I will help you with ....

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  • We are truly fortunate

    In today's world, it is so simple for people to say or write bad things simply by staying behind their keyboard. This is why we are so fortunate to have so many people at CFMAF that love us. Colorado Springs has a strong sense of community and many of those people find their way to CFMAF to train. Here are just a few parents who have something to say about CFMAF. Erik Kim recommends CFMAF martial arts & fitness . September 1 · Master Costley is an outstanding instructor and mentor. Morgan Gentile recommends CFMAF martial arts & fitness . October 9 at 9:01 PM · ....

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  • Upcoming October Event

    Kids Safety Anti Abduction Training Event - 2018 Training Event October 13th, 2018
    Due to the high demand of our “Kids/Family Safety Anti Abduction" training event that was held on October 6th, we are hosting it again!! Just like the October 6th event this will be full so rsvp now. As always, this event is packed with parents such as yourself along with your children to learn and practice these valuable skills. A child will only remember these skills if a parent practices with the child. We know this, so for that reason, we constructed this event where the parents and the children learn and practice together. Don't worry. If you have a physical ailment that does not allow ....

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  • It's Time

    "It's time to say goodbye" the older man said to the children standing around him. This was the time in which they all knew was coming, but still could never truly prepare for. "Help me up son" he said to the athletically built man standing beside him. The strong shoulders of his son were now rounded, his square jaw trembling, and tears pooling in his eyes. Once known for his strength, at this time that strength had escaped him. As he reached down to pickup his father he began to remember times of his childhood. This now frail man close to his 90s appears so small in comparison to his memories. He remembered when his father would pick him up and swing him around. He remembered ....

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  • All About Me

    Often times people simply do not see it and then when someone tells them, they simply reject it. Look within yourself and ask do you live a life in which you make everything "All About Me?" The darkness has taken over. Gone are my moments of glee. Stressed is my current condition. Life is tough for me. Some people they have left me Others they have stayed My heart consistently broken From games that they have played. My home I may soon lose it I wonder how could this be My life is such a big struggle Everything is all about me. A friend she called to talk She spoke about her life I wasn't truly listening She had to repeat herself twice. "You ....

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