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  • Have you heard

    Have you heard

    You are not alone. Have you experienced the “ I don’t want to go anymore” statement from your child yet? There are two kinds of parents. 1. The parent who has already heard this. And 2. The parent who will hear this. So what do you do? It may not be easy, but you stay the correct course. What is the correct course? Well, that depends on your parenting. It is the painful reality that today many parents choose not to parent and instead allow for their child to run their family. If that statement offends you, it may be because you are that parent. I had a psychologist friend put it this way “If you allow a little puppy who has no knowledge of danger to run ....

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  • This day

    I saw a man in uniform standing rather proud. Within his hand he held a letter from which he read out loud. A letter from a friend, written to his wife Before a coming battle Where he may lose his life. He wrote to her his fears And said he will be strong To speak of those who fear as cowards He stated was simply wrong. “I choose to fight through it” Were the words that he spoke. For a country of great promise In that at least I hope. The enemy knows we are coming And they are ready to fight. Each side committed to their view Of what they believe is right. The sounds of men screaming May be the last thing that I hear. But through this fight is found courage Suppressing all ....

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  • Take Mine

    In today's class two kids were talking while I was teaching class. David, the kid higher belt, was called to the front of the class and asked "Were you talking?" He answered "Yes Sir". I looked to the class and said "Due to his actions his belt is taken away". I looked to the other kid who was also talking. They are both around the same age, but the kid with the higher belt has the higher degree of responsibility. I said to the other kid named Shawn, still seated, "How does it feel to know that your actions have directly impacted the life of someone else? Because you were talking to him and he did not do the right thing to tell you to stop, he lost his ....

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  • Sincerely, Your Nations Vet

    Sincerely, Your Nations Vet

    Alone at night Hearing the clock as it ticks Seconds into minutes And I’m left to admit I’m lonely. Memories they haunt me Sometimes still I smile But inside I’m hurting And yet all the while I’m lonely. Not sure what has happened I can’t remember exactly when I lost those most dear to me The ones I called my friends I’m lonely. The lights on the houses The trees I see them sway Families all together On this Christmas day, but I’m lonely. Months of deployment Cots in a tent Knowing where I am But not sure why I was sent I’m lonely. People please hear me Please listen to what I say To you this is something special To me just another day ....

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  • The Journey

    The Journey. As we approach the next "Black Belt Induction Ceremony" being held this Thursday, 12/12/19, at 6:30 pm, my mind reflects upon "The Journey". Growing up, it became clear to me that not all having a "Black Belt" are equal. Many black belts from the systems I was studying would enter into our dojangs/dojos/martial arts studios. They wore a black belt, but it was easy to see the lack of skill, knowledge, and application. I wondered about their journey. Many training before me, training alongside me, and coming after me, would be on our floor. I would see the smiles, the laughter, the enjoyment, more than I would see the frustration, the ....

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  • Martial Arts Best for children with ADHD

    Attention deficit disorder is a very common occurrence among children. For those who are hyperactive it’s always best to get involved with sports, as they offer many benefits including physical exercise, development of social skills and development of self worth. However not all sports are equal. To give you a glimpse at how many might be affected as many as 11% of kids between 4 and 17 are hyperactive according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . For kids who suffer from ADHD it’s best to opt for individual sports due to individual focus. Individual sports, such as bjj, offer the opportunity to compete for yourself but still be a part of a team and find ways to ....

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  • The Calluses Upon My Hands

    The Calluses Upon My Hands

    I sat beside an elderly man months ago. The wrinkles upon his face were so deep that even his sweat became trapped between them. He never wiped the sweat away "Why waste my energy" he would say "they only come back again". Then he would laugh with his deep familiar raspy laugh. He could be found on most warm and hot days sitting in his wooden rocking chair upon his old wooden porch. He would rock slowly forward and back in almost a rhythmic beat. His pace never changed which means the creaking of his chair also remained the same pace and rhythm. The shadow from the sun striking his overhanging porch ceiling supplied all the shadow he needed. The water to his right rested on his old ....

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  • Even Now, The Effects of Bullying

    Even Now, The Effects of Bullying

    He was screaming for them to stop, but they did not. A group standing around taking photographs and videos using their minds as the device to record because this was decades before cell phones. Still the pain was as real then as it is for those today. The crowd laughing, the cheerleaders cheering them on with the same zeal and excitement as they have done for the basketball and football games. His voice elevating demanding for the boys assaulting him to stop. His rage increasing at the same rate as his fear, but neither stopped this onslaught. That was over 30 years ago and i can still see that image. Today we call it bullying, no matter the label it is still assault. An assault ....

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  • It started with a call

    I called a business this morning to discuss a problem that I was having. After waiting for several minutes a gentleman came onto the line. He introduced himself and asked how he could help me, at least that is what I thought he said. As I began to tell him what my problem was, He asked me for my name and my account number, at least that is what I think he asked. You see, this person representing the business I have called, has a speech impediment. Sometimes it was pretty severe. For several minutes he and I would exchange information trying to resolve the problem. Yes, this conversation was longer than I expected and maybe longer than it had to be due to his challenge. We ....

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  • I turned someone away today

    I turned away a prospective student today. "Thank you for choosing CFMAF Martial Arts, Colorado's leader in providing realistic training for adults and families." It is my normal response when my phone rings. The person on the other end quickly spoke up and introduced himself. He told me that I am fourth or fifth school that he has spoken to today and that he has set up appointments with each one. He then told me that he is ready to enroll today with whichever school that he selects. I politely interrupted him to let him know who I am and to ask for his name again. As he told me, I continued to listen, I mean truly listen to him. Something was different. Maybe ....

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