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  • Even Now, The Effects of Bullying

    Even Now, The Effects of Bullying

    He was screaming for them to stop, but they did not. A group standing around taking photographs and videos using their minds as the device to record because this was decades before cell phones. Still the pain was as real then as it is for those today. The crowd laughing, the cheerleaders cheering them on with the same zeal and excitement as they have done for the basketball and football games. His voice elevating demanding for the boys assaulting him to stop. His rage increasing at the same rate as his fear, but neither stopped this onslaught. That was over 30 years ago and i can still see that image. Today we call it bullying, no matter the label it is still assault. An assault ....

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  • It started with a call

    I called a business this morning to discuss a problem that I was having. After waiting for several minutes a gentleman came onto the line. He introduced himself and asked how he could help me, at least that is what I thought he said. As I began to tell him what my problem was, He asked me for my name and my account number, at least that is what I think he asked. You see, this person representing the business I have called, has a speech impediment. Sometimes it was pretty severe. For several minutes he and I would exchange information trying to resolve the problem. Yes, this conversation was longer than I expected and maybe longer than it had to be due to his challenge. We ....

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  • I turned someone away today

    I turned away a prospective student today. "Thank you for choosing CFMAF Martial Arts, Colorado's leader in providing realistic training for adults and families." It is my normal response when my phone rings. The person on the other end quickly spoke up and introduced himself. He told me that I am fourth or fifth school that he has spoken to today and that he has set up appointments with each one. He then told me that he is ready to enroll today with whichever school that he selects. I politely interrupted him to let him know who I am and to ask for his name again. As he told me, I continued to listen, I mean truly listen to him. Something was different. Maybe ....

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  • Talk Less, Do more.

    Talk Less, Do more.

    It is often he who has created nothing who is the loudest to critique the positive efforts of others. Talk less, do more. I was speaking with a student recently at our Colorado Springs martial arts school. This student who was upset because someone has done what has become the norm in today's society. The person has become a "keyboard warrior". The student was upset because this person was saying "this thing that wasn't true, and that thing that wasn't true, and then the person said this as well." I looked at my clock and counted the minutes that t he student used to tell me of how hurt she is over this. When she completed I asked "So how does it feel?". "How does what feel" she ....

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  • He's Following Me!

    He's Following Me!

    She saw him behind her. She quickened her pace, but that did not seem to shake him. She turned left on the trail. He did the same. She kept looking over her shoulder, but he continued forward. As time continued, he continued to bridge the gap between her and him. "I will run" she said to herself. She ran at a pace that quickly tired her. She had to stop to catch her breath. Although he never ran, he kept walking in the same direction...towards her. As she continued to catch her breath she could see that he was still getting closer. She came to the end of the trail where she would need to turn around. She knew that by going back in the direction that she just came, she ....

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  • Why are you upset?

    I remember many years ago here in Colorado Springs. I was speaking with a friend of mine in his home. His son came into the house very anger and slammed the door. My friend turned to him and told him "You must be out of your mind slamming my door like you own it." I could not help but to laugh because it sounded just like something I would say to one of my children. "Sorry Dad, I am just mad." "I can see that" said his father "Whats going on." This is where the Learnin' Sermon begins. He told his father that he had decided to quit wrestling. Just hearing that I could see my friend, his father, raise his eyebrows as if saying "Oh Really". "And when did you decide that?" He asked his son. ....

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  • A true story of a woman's victory

    Thanks you Ms. W for sharing this with us Hi, Isaac! I’m sorry to be writing you so late, but I owe you a HUGE thank you! To start, I’m fine and I’m not seriously hurt. Today, I had a doctor’s appointment at 11am. As I was walking to my car, I was attacked from behind by a woman who was either on drugs or mentally unstable. Because of the classes I took with you, which were actually designed for teachers on how to respond in an active shooter situation, I immediately remembered how to position myself and I kept yelling at her to “back up”. I also remembered how to block myself from receiving any more hits and kicks. My leg, ....

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  • Colorado Springs VA, Spend Time with a Vet

    I thought about a vet whom I had met sometime ago at the VA. He was sitting alone and as usual most seats were taken. "May I" I asked inquiring about the seat beside him "Of course" he said. His shoulders were slouched forward, his balding head had some patches of grey still fighting to remain in place. His wrinkled and scared skin told of a life of much hardship. We sat for some time, neither of our numbers yet being called. "Here alone like me" he asked. "Yes Sir" I replied. "I couldn't imagine making someone wait this long with me." He laughed. "Been some time since I have been called Sir" he said. "Well, Sir, that is shame. You are my senior and much wiser than I, so with ....

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  • Have you offended anyone today?

    We live in a world where people seldom speak up about what they believe. If you do, depending upon the topic, you are labeled a "hater", "racist", "against the rights of this group or that group". We, at CFMAF believe in being true to who we are and teaching the students here to do the same. We help people to grow and become secure knowing that speaking up about what they believe and who they are, is in no way putting down anyone else. Some where, at some time, some people have come to believe that by thinking differently about a view or certain topic, makes them some type of troublemaker, or hater, or insensitive. That pressure has suppressed the rights of others who choose to simply be ....

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  • Do What They Do

    Mr P.
    Colorado Springs, CO

    reviews Five Stars! I have been training with CFMAF for 8yrs now I have personally seen Master C and the staff break their backs to help people. I have witnessed and been a part of how they break down everything for everyone when they enroll. I actually told them that I think it is over kill. They do far more than others to make sure you have an understanding of their curriculum, requirements, and business structure. CFMAF has gone above and beyond to help people who prove to keep their word and demonstrate integrity. I have seen them go to schools to talk with the teachers of kids having problems, hug ....

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