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  • Self Defense Seminar

    CFMAF MARTIAL ARTS has again been featured on the news for being THE LEADER in REALITY BASED instruction. Person Attacked and Stabbed on Local Trail After the incident at Barr Trail on Monday several hikers are concerned. Here are some tips to keep in mind when heading out on the trail KIDS SAFETY ANTI ABDUCTION SEMINAR CFMAF Martial Arts provides Kids Safety Anti Abduction Seminars throughout the year. Click the link below to attend the next seminar OR, complete the information form on this webpage to receive training at our facility. Register Today WOMEN ONLY REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE SEMINAR In The News CFMAF Martial Arts conducts seminars ....

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  • Hope Initiative

    The Hope Initiative by CFMAF Martial Arts has been featured on the local news and benefits THE FAMILIES OF COLORADO SPRINGS and THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES. What is our HOPE INITIATIVE? H elp Other People Elevate CFMAF's Hope Initiative was conceived with the thought of helping all within our community regardless of challenges mentally, physically, or economically, to be able to participate in a positive activity that encourages personal growth and empowerment. Throughout the years the SPRING SUMMER SAFETY SERIES offered through CFMAF Martial Arts has led us to teach our Kids Safety program in schools throughout the United States and overseas. The tremendous success ....

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  • As Seen On TV

    CFMAF has been teaching Kids Safety to our community for well over a decade. While others may just come on the scene, we have seen and addressed the needs to keep kids, teens, and adult safe for many years. Join one of our scheduled special events by reserve by clicking below: RSVP YOUR FREE SPOT HERE RSVP YOUR FREE SPOT HERE RSVP YOUR FREE SPOT HERE RSVP YOUR FREE SPOT HERE RSVP YOUR FREE SPOT HERE ....

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  • These Worn Shoes

    The worn shoes. The alarm sounded in the morning like the many other before it. I attempted to roll over pulling the sheets over my head as if by doing so it would somehow stop the minutes from passing and again hearing the alarm. This time instead of the dreadful repeated loud time of the alarm, the radio sounded. “Zapp featuring Roger” pounded forth “MORE Bounce TO THE OUNCE”. Although still laying in bed I found my head nodding in rhythm with song. Sitting up I left out a big moan as I stretched. Standing up my body swayed side to side impressing the invisible ladies in my room dancing with me. Stepping into my closet I pulled out my clothes for ....

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  • It's Not My Fault

    Do you remember back to the days when you were in middle school or high school. Maybe you were like me. I was one of those kids who only studied when the teacher told us that a test was on a specific day. To be honest, there were even times, ok most times, when even knowing that a test was coming, I still didn't study. I can remember walking into class to hear the teacher say "Pop Quiz." Any smiling and laughter that I had entering the class quickly faded away. Like most kids, except those really smart kids (meaning the ones who were always prepared, always studied), I hated Pop Quiz's. I hate all quiz's whether a pop quiz or a planned test. Most times I didn't ....

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  • Have you heard

    You are not alone. Have you experienced the “ I don’t want to go anymore” statement from your child yet? There are two kinds of parents. 1. The parent who has already heard this. And 2. The parent who will hear this. So what do you do? It may not be easy, but you stay the correct course. What is the correct course? Well, that depends on your parenting. It is the painful reality that today many parents choose not to parent and instead allow for their child to run their family. If that statement offends you, it may be because you are that parent. I had a psychologist friend put it this way “If you allow a little puppy who has no knowledge of danger to run ....

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  • This day

    I saw a man in uniform standing rather proud. Within his hand he held a letter from which he read out loud. A letter from a friend, written to his wife Before a coming battle Where he may lose his life. He wrote to her his fears And said he will be strong To speak of those who fear as cowards He stated was simply wrong. “I choose to fight through it” Were the words that he spoke. For a country of great promise In that at least I hope. The enemy knows we are coming And they are ready to fight. Each side committed to their view Of what they believe is right. The sounds of men screaming May be the last thing that I hear. But through this fight is found courage Suppressing all ....

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  • Take Mine

    In today's class two kids were talking while I was teaching class. David, the kid higher belt, was called to the front of the class and asked "Were you talking?" He answered "Yes Sir". I looked to the class and said "Due to his actions his belt is taken away". I looked to the other kid who was also talking. They are both around the same age, but the kid with the higher belt has the higher degree of responsibility. I said to the other kid named Shawn, still seated, "How does it feel to know that your actions have directly impacted the life of someone else? Because you were talking to him and he did not do the right thing to tell you to stop, he lost his ....

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  • Sincerely, Your Nations Vet

    Alone at night Hearing the clock as it ticks Seconds into minutes And I’m left to admit I’m lonely. Memories they haunt me Sometimes still I smile But inside I’m hurting And yet all the while I’m lonely. Not sure what has happened I can’t remember exactly when I lost those most dear to me The ones I called my friends I’m lonely. The lights on the houses The trees I see them sway Families all together On this Christmas day, but I’m lonely. Months of deployment Cots in a tent Knowing where I am But not sure why I was sent I’m lonely. People please hear me Please listen to what I say To you this is something special To me just another day ....

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  • The Journey

    The Journey. As we approach the next "Black Belt Induction Ceremony" being held this Thursday, 12/12/19, at 6:30 pm, my mind reflects upon "The Journey". Growing up, it became clear to me that not all having a "Black Belt" are equal. Many black belts from the systems I was studying would enter into our dojangs/dojos/martial arts studios. They wore a black belt, but it was easy to see the lack of skill, knowledge, and application. I wondered about their journey. Many training before me, training alongside me, and coming after me, would be on our floor. I would see the smiles, the laughter, the enjoyment, more than I would see the frustration, the ....

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