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Colorado Springs Back to School Offer

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For Both Kids And Adults!

Kids Martial Arts Colorado

Let's face it there are some things in life that we will not settle on. For example when it comes to the safety of my children and myself, I do not do cheap. I do not take short cuts. I seek value.

Still, money is still a consideration. This is why CFMAF is offering you extreme value at the price you can afford.

This time of year many of us have to budget for school expenses and each year things continue to get more expensive. Well, not right now at CFMAF. For our back to school special we are offering you our "You pick the pricing" enrollment offer. The best thing about this is that you receive two classes absolutely free! Within these two classes we will meet with you and go explain your choice of pricing. Talk about a great opportunity!

For kids these classes will prepare their focus for the school year, their awareness of predators, and their ability to deal with bullies.

For adults these classes will increase your awareness skills (our city has seen a tremendous increase in crime in just the last year), increase your conditioning, and provide you with the needed skills to protect yourself and your family.

This offer is available for you the entire month of August or until we cannot accept more students due to the outstanding offer. Call today 719-237-0043 or fill out the "request information" box for more details. 

Kids Martial Arts Colorado Springs

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