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Loss of Motivation

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Loss of Motivation. 

We sometime use other verbiage like “I just don’t want to do it anymore.” "I'm bored" or "I don't wanna go."

Why does loss of motivation occur?

Some reasons for loss of motivation are.

1. Not staying consistent 
2. Not revising your goals
3. Not changing or increasing your intensity

Parents, you may have come across a child who has decided that he/she just doesn’t want to do something anymore. If you look deeply enough you may find the reason the child does not want to continue something positive is because they have not been attending the activity  regularly.

Sure there may be other reasons like:

1. They don't want to stop playing with their friends

2. They don't want to to stop playing video games

3.  Fill in the blank_______________. lol

We as parents have to understand that we are dealing with children.  We need to have a discussion with our children to teach them that they can always speak with us, but what they do not get to do is...Direct Us.  We as adults must remember that we know best.  We have "been there and done that".  So allowing our children to dictate to us what they will or will not do should not be an option.  These are kids, which means that this falls back upon the parent.

In martial arts, when the "I don't want to go anymore" occurs we should give each other a high five.  This only confirms that our child is normal.  Even as adults there are times in which we may not want to go to work.  Sure we may take a sick day or personal day, but then we are back to it.  Why? Because we have to. 

When a child is not being brought to class on a consistent basis the child losses his/her motivation to attend and come back.  When the child is brought back he sees that his/her o friends have progressed in to higher programs, higher belt ranks, or simply are "looking better" than them.  Of course that causes them to lose drive. Who wants to be reminded that they are being left behind?  No one.  That is why consistency is key. 

Reflect back with your child of the goals that were set when you first began classes.  Then speak with them to discover where things had gone wrong.  They are children, so they weren't driving themselves to class, so parents...Take Ownership.  Apologize, revise the goal, set a plan to take them to class on particular days, and follow through.  Goals they once had that had faded away as quickly as the number of times they attend classes, will be replaced and accomplished in now time.

Remember, In their minds the black belt, or making varsity, or being placed in a superior training team, or remaining in that superior team, was no longer is a reality because they are no longer progressing and improving because they are missing too many classes.  Again, Consistency is key.

How do you keep your motivation and/or your child’s motivation high?

First, be consistent. Pick days that you and your child know that you will come in and train. By making this an expectation it will become a realization, because you are forming a habit.

Second, challenge yourself. As you become better do not fall into being ok with being average or staying at the level you are. Set a new goal and receive the necessary coaching to help you along the path.

Lastly, revise the culture that you live in. If you are around others who always quit, always find fault within others to justify their own quitting, REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR INNER CIRCLE.  Being around positive people will positively give you positive results.

Remind yourself daily that some of the growth that you have experienced is because you pushed through the "I don't want to go anymore" phase and did not quit.

Set your goals, seek out the professionals to help you obtain those goals, and be ready for the thought of quitting, but having the thought does not mean that you give in to it.

Press on!

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