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Never are you to blame

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*Note: To grow we must take a look at ourselves to determine what we can do better. The truth does not have to hurt, instead it can propel us forward to living a better life.


Lift up your head keep moving on, What happened is not your fault. You hurt others and stole from them Now you can’t believe that you got caught.

You justify your actions by saying you only stole that what you need. While others obtain what they have by working hard, sweat, and bleed.
You drink in the club then choose to drive Your journey is not too far Your choice leaves a young mother no longer alive And you justify now where you are.
It is not my fault someone is dead The bar let me drink too much They should have taken my keys away is your excuse You rationalize by saying this, that, such and such.
Your cell phone rings, you pick it up And then begin to text. You glanced down for a moment Not expecting what would come next.
There was no screeching of your tires You hit at a high rate of speed Another casket must now be ordered A casket for an infant is the need.
The auto maker they are the problem Your excuse so obviously lame But this cannot be your fault For never are you to blame.
“I can’t believe my wife has left me” And you speak ill of her to friends But of course you omit your contributions That brought your marriage to an end.
You stayed out all hours of the night And expected your relationship to resume You ordered your wife to ignore it As you made up excuses for the smell of perfume.
You only hit her a few times To remind her of her place So proud of your manhood But lying about the marks on her face.
She finally decided to leave you “She has no reason” that’s what you claim Of course it’s all her fault Because never are you to blame.
You arrive again late to work It doesn’t matter, your boss is a jerk. They still need to pay me Even though I don’t truly work.
Most of the time I spend on my cell phone Texting friends and getting nothing done. Then I complaining when there are layoffs And find out I am the only one.
“How could they let me go” Again excuses are your fame “I worked hard for that company” Again, never are you to blame.
I received my mail today I read the first letter and then next one. Anger possesses me, As I am informed I am now in collections.
I charged and never paid back It’s the same story as through the ages I can’t believe that now the court Is allowing garnishment of my wages.
I signed a contract and I stopped paying. I know that to be true. But of course that is not the story That I eve relay to you.
“I did not like them and they are lame” Is your poor excuse. Never mentioning your contribution Of constant verbal abuse.
“They should let me out of my commitment “ Yep, that is your claim to fail. It is always someone else’s fault For never are you to blame.
The moral is of this story is evident And easy for all to see. The problem is not always someone else And you should proclaim “The problem is me.”
So learn from your behavior. Rebuild the value of your name. Take responsibility for your actions And realize sometimes you are to blame.
Isaac Costley 1/17/19

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