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We are truly fortunate

In today's world, it is so simple for people to say or write bad things simply by staying behind their keyboard.  This is why we are so fortunate to have so many people at CFMAF that love us.  Colorado Springs has a strong sense of community and many of those people find their way to CFMAF to train.  Here are just a few parents who have something to say about CFMAF.

Master Costley is an outstanding instructor and mentor.

Well priced and my kids love it


We love the staff, the compassion and patience is amazing! Couldn’t be in a better place for our family !!!

The best decision our family has made is joining the CFMAF team. Hard work, and discipline are only part of the experience. It is also great fun and bonding for our family as we learn and grow together.

Words cannot describe how awesome this place is. The staff is just amazing, and they do great with all the little kiddos.







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