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Often times people simply do not see it and then when someone tells them, they simply reject it.  Look within yourself and ask do you live a life in which you make everything "All About Me?"

The darkness has taken over.
Gone are my moments of glee.
Stressed is my current condition.
Life is tough for me.
Some people they have left me
Others they have stayed
My heart consistently broken
From games that they have played.
My home I may soon lose it
I wonder how could this be
My life is such a big struggle
Everything is all about me.
A friend she called to talk
She spoke about her life
I wasn't truly listening
She had to repeat herself twice.
"You tell me you are friend"
"You said that you would listen"
"But everything is about you"
"And you call yourself a Christian"
"You don't understand my struggles
I have misery and I have strife.
I can't see through all this darkness.
I have problems in my life.
Yes I am your friend
On that we can agree
But stop talking about your problems
So we can talk about only me.
Sometimes I feel so lonely
I hate being alone
Are you listening to a word I am saying?"
And then she hung up the phone.
A different person I called him
It rang without and answer
Another and another i called
All avoiding me like I am cancer.
Finally i spoke to someone
And thought he was being coy
When he said I can no longer speak with you
Cuz you always steal my joy.
Not once have you called me
With laughter in your voice
To tell me of something wonderful
Drama is always your choice.
You complain about your problems
But won't listen to answer
Excuse after excuse
Yes we avoid you as if you were cancer.
With that it hit me hardest
And finally I could see
With each person that I spoke with
I made it always about me.
Don't be the person I am
Step out of darkness into the light.
Find the strength of being positive
In positive steps you discover your might.
See your blessings in time of sorrow
Find your victory and become strong
Things may be better tomorrow
But either way I keep moving on.
Listen to those with problems
Instead of always speaking of mine
Just listen, no need to solve them
You may be surprised in what you find.
Soon others will notice
Yes soon they all will see
I have changed my sorrowful nature
No longer is it all about me.
Isaac Costley

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