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I am no one's hero

I am no ones hero.

What is the definition of "Hero". An ordinary person performing extraordinarily in spite of his fear.

I am no ones hero.

A young man upon a ship, nauseous not from the violent rocking of the ship, but nauseous from the fear of facing the bullets that now ping off his craft but soon will find their way into the bodies of his brothers beside him as they storm the beaches of Normandy.

I am no ones hero.

Bitter cold cracking the skin of this service man, as the moist cold builds ice sickles upon his faces as he awaits another assault from the Chinese and Koreans. Still he fights on toward the enemy and in spite of the cold.

I am no ones hero.

The command is heard to move into the dense jungle to confront an invisible enemy. A small company facing a sizable force. Friends, as young as you, screaming in agony but you press on to secure their safety while neglecting your own.

I am no ones hero.

Desert heat, winds reminiscent of the hot air felt when opening your oven. Blowing sand penetrating your skin like miniature needles. Driving upon roads littered with ied's. They say the female gender is not in combat. Where are the front lines that determine the battlefield?

You take Fire. You perform your duty, scared but summoning the courage needed to do what you been trained to do. Today you are not a female. You are a United States Service person.

I am no ones hero, but you are.

Dark nights. The sound of dogs barking, torches lighting the night sky in search of you. In spite of your fear you lead others to a freedom that you have heard about but have never experienced. You would rather hang from a tree then hang your head low remaining within your prison of slavery.

I am no ones hero, but are.

Riding the bus from North to South. Hearing and seeing the brutality of those of a different color in a different land. They are not your brother, your sister, or cousin, but still you journey on to supply help, because you understand that we are all related. The bus is forced to stopped by people resembling you, but you are nothing like them. The spew words of hate and anger. They pull you and others from the bus and inflict tremendous pain. Still you stand firm upon your convictions as a Freedom Rider.

I am no ones hear, but you are.

Sounds of steel breaking. Screams of help. Flames and smoke claim dominion over the air you need to breathe. Many stand by, you rush in.

I am no ones hero, but you are.

Trust is no longer directed towards you. Each call you answer is scrutinized. You are called racist. You are accused of abusing your power. Many scream that you must be stopped...until their home is invaded, their child is missing, they threatened with a gun. When others run away, you still answer the call.

I am no ones hero, but you are.

Ordinary, you once were, but are no more.

Fear, you have it but you control it instead of falling prey to it.

Courage, you answered the call. When some would not lead, you did.

Hero. The word is over used. The true heros are sometimes forgotten.

Do that which you are called to do.
Not for a title,
Not for a label.

But so others may live.

You are my hero.

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