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Creating Time for Me

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How to create “Me Time”

                Congrats you are a parent.  You know all the joys of raising children.  You remember the first day you brought your baby home.  The joy you felt as your held your baby.  As your child grows you love him/her even more.  You love changing the diapers, washing their clothes, helping with the homework, cleaning the house, and you love the many “thank you’s”  that you receive each day.  Ok, you may not hear that as often as you would like. 

                It is true that we love our children, but somewhere along the line many parents seem to lose the sense of “self”.  Raising children is a full time, in addition to that job many work another job in corporate America.  So where is your time? 

                I hear from mothers often “I want my pre-baby body back”.  My response is “How old is your baby?”  I am surprised to hear answers like “23” or “18” or “12”.  Sure I hear the younger ages as well, but I am shocked to hear the older ages.  We know the reasons why you have not gotten back to your pre-baby weight…TIME.  We could even add in…ENERGY.  After a long day taking care of the house and all its necessities, it becomes hard to leave to do some type of workout.  If you are a working outside of the house parent than you understand that after a long day at work you come to work again.  So what are you to do? 





                                When using the word “budget” we immediately associate this to money.  In this case, I am not referring to money, instead I am referring to Budgeting your time.  Time is valuable and is something that we cannot get back.  There is only so much of it in a day.  So just like many of us do in reference to our money we must budget our time.  How, first make a chart of your day, hour by hour.  Then revise the chart to include activities for you.








 Here is an example:

6 am      Wake Up

6:30 am Breakfast for Kids

7:30-8:30 am Kids to school

8:45 am Back Home

9:00 am Look Over Bank Account Pay Bills

10:00 am Clean Bedrooms

11:00 am Clean Living Room/House

12:00 pm Hour rest/Lunch

1:00 pm   Wash Clothing/ Clean Kitchen

2:00 pm  Run Errands

3:00 pm  Pick up Kids from School

3:30 pm  Help kids with Homework

4:30 Take 1 child to Soccer

5:15 Take 2nd Child to Dance

6:00 Take 3rd Child to Baseball/Basketball/Football

7:00  Pick up all children

7:30 Home Make Dinner

8:15 pm Eat late dinner

9:00  Kids Ready for Bed

10:00 Clean Kitchen/ Get yourself ready for bed

11:00 Try to go to sleep


Throughout this typical day you are taking care of everyone else’s needs, but where are you taking care of yourself?  To be fully engaged in all of your requirements you must be around to be engage.  This means making time for YOU.  Where within your daily schedule have you budgeted time …FOR YOU.  You are not displaying narcissism by putting yourself first.  In fact by doing so, you are making it possible for you to accomplish all the other things that need to be done for your family.  If you do not take care of you, how can you take care of others?   If you Put Yourself First, then you can always find the time for you.  I know, as a parent we take on the responsibility of putting our children first.  That is admirable, but we must be honest with ourselves and say that if we do not take time for ourselves, we may not be around long to take care of our children.


















Here is an example of a revision:


6 am      Wake Up

6:30 am Breakfast

7:30-8:30 am Kids to school

9:00 am Group Fitness Class or Personal Training

10:20 am Look Over Bank Account, Pay Bills

11:00 am Clean Living Room/House /Clean Bedrooms

12:00 pm Hour rest/Lunch

1:00 pm   Wash Clothing/ Clean Kitchen

2:00 pm  Run Errands

3:00 pm  Pick up Kids from School

3:30 pm  Help kids with Homework

5:00 Family Martial Arts class

6:00  Back Home make Dinner

7:00 pm Clean Kitchen, Kids Study finish Homework

8:00 pm  Get Kids Ready for Bed

9:00 pm Get yourself Ready for Bed

10:00 pm Try to go to sleep.


                This example allowed for you to BUDGET your time.  By having a schedule for each day of the week you are able to prioritize not only you, but family time as well.  With this example you have accountability by belonging to either a group fitness class that is not a large one so that you are able to get to know the others in the class to hold yourself accountable to.  You can also supplement those group classes by having a Personal Trainer whose sole focus is upon you. 


What did the above example accomplish:


1.  It added a smooth flow to your day.


2.  It supplies YOU time


3.  You now have family time


4.  You freed up more time


                With the above revision you can easily see how you have included an activity for you in the morning BEFORE the fatigue sets in.  Your children are at school, so when you leave from your home continue on to your Personal Training Session or Group Fitness Class.   Taking away the excuse of hating to leave from the house….AGAIN.






                Prioritize!  With a busy schedule, take all the activities that you have throughout the day and put them in an order of priority.  With of course Putting Yourself First when constructing your Time Budget.  This allows for you to always have a main priority your Health, Fitness, and Stress Relief.   


                Assign!  “Everyone expects for me to do everything!”  Is something that we have all thought or have said as parents.  It often seems that if we do not do everything, nothing will get done.  What we fail to realize is that often we have created this problem.  This is why it is imperative that we ASSIGN tasks to be done by others and we hold them accountable to complete those tasks.  In the beginning, it may seem that you have added to your workload until you have your family vested into this program.  But with consistency they will complete their assignments on time and completely.  What type of assignments?  All the things that you take upon yourself such as  cleaning of the rooms, house, bathroom, dinners, kitchen, etc. 


                Commit!  To follow through.  Set your Time Budget and be committed to follow it.  More revisions may need to be made, but keep the same principle of Putting Yourself First.  As long as you do that, you will always be able to make time for you.  Difficultly in application does not justify the action of quitting.  All changes bring some discomfort, but for all of us to grow we must go through this period of discomfort. 



I am sure that if you follow these tips you will find that you will be able to enjoy your life while living it.  These simple tips allow for you to become a participant in your life and not just a spectator.  If you are single we have a Time Budget for you as well.  Contact us at www.cfmaf.com to find out more ways to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. 

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