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My Favorite Bully

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Bullying in our city of Colorado Springs is often times something we hear of during the school year.  Although many schools districts in Colorado Springs have made "Zero Tolerance" key words, that has not stopped bullying.  Bullying exists not just at our schools, but over our phones, internet, in your child's home with siblings, and right outside your front door.  Each child should be equipped with the necessary skills to be able to stop bullying.  These skills are not just skills of the physical nature, but also verbal skills.  Below, Kelly here in Colorado Springs has put to work the skills that she has learned while training at CFMAF. 


My Favorite Bully


     Kelly is the average 6th grade female. She has an A/B average, wears glasses, has braces upon her teeth and keeps mostly to herself.      She has friends of course, but still she keeps mostly to herself. She doesn’t seem to be much of an athlete. She doesn’t always end up last, but she is not the first in her class either.


     Everyone noticed that Kelly always seems to be happy. She carries a smile on her face that makes those around her smile also. Kelly  is a very observant girl. She liked to watch people. It was kind of her hobby. Her friend Rob always kidded her about that hobby of hers.  Rob was as good size kid for a 6th grader. They have known each other since Kindergarten. He was nice to everyone and never  made any trouble. But even with his kind personality, there were still those who choose to pick on him. “Got some money for me today Rob?” said 8th grader Michael, while clinching his fist tightly closed. He looked rather large to Kelly. Being two years older than she, Michael used intimidation against those that he saw as being weak. Before he could finish his sentence Rob was already handing him money.


     Kelly noticed that day after day Michael would make his way through the 6th and 7th graders scaring them into giving him money and their lunches. Each day it was someone new. No one ever knew when it would be his or her day. Kelly wondered why no one would tell on Michael. “Rob you have to do something about Michael” said Kelly. “Like what beat him up.” Said Rob smugly. “You don’t need to do that, but you can tell the teachers.” Said Kelly. “Yeah right. So all the other kids will call me snitch and laugh at me?” Kelly understood. Even at her young age she understood the problems of peer pressure. It can be a strong influence upon someone her age or of any age for that matter.


     The classroom was rather warm. Kelly was sweating and breathing heavily. Echo’s bounce off of the walls of people “yelling”, she calls those yells “Ki Op’s”. “Excuse me Master “C” said Kelly. “Yes Ma’am” he replied “How can I help you?” “There is a friend of mine in school that is being picked on by a bully. I don’t want either one of them to get hurt. I told him to tell the bully to stop and to tell the teachers, but he won’t do it. He’s afraid people will laugh at him and tease him for telling.” “Well will they Kelly?” asked Master “C”. “Will they what?” she asked puzzled. “Tease your friend. Will people tease him?” “Yeah probably?” she said. “And should the teasing stop someone from doing what they know is right, Kelly? Even more, should that teasing stop a friend from doing what is right for a friend?” Kelly smiled “No Sir.” She replied. “You know I could show Rob a few things to do.” Continued Kelly. “You sure could Kelly.” Said Master “C”. “And then if those things don’t work I can bring him to class so he can learn to protect and defend himself.” She concluded. “You know Kelly you can bring him to class any time even before there is a problem. You’re a good friend Kelly. I’m proud of you.”


Kelly went home that night and did as she was trained to do. She discussed what is going on in school with her parents. Together, they came up with a great idea. Kelly couldn’t wait until the next day of school to put this plan into action. She knew that if this didn’t work both she and her parents would meet with the teachers and principle about Michael’s behavior.


     The bell rang for recess. All the kids ran onto the playground, but not Kelly. She stood still looking around. “Come on Kelly” encouraged Rob as he ran toward the playground. “I’ll be there in a minute” she said. “I have something to do first.”


     “There he is” said Kelly to herself. Michael was walking around scouting out the kids on the playground. Much like a shark or a lion sizing up its prey. As Michael began his walk towards another student Kelly stepped in front of him. “Hi Michael.” She began cheerfully. “What do you want? I’m busy.” Said Michael. For some reason unknown to Michael, he never really picked on Kelly. “I have something for you” she continued. “I hope that you like it.” She lifted up with her hand and gave him lunch bag. “What is this?” he asked. “It’s for you” she said.  Michael looked puzzled. “Yeah right. Whatever” was all that he could think of to say. “No really      Michael it’s for you, open it.” Slowly Michael opened the lunch bag. To his surprise he found his favorite sandwich and snacks that      he likes.  He even found one of his favorite drinks. “What is this for?” he asked. Kelly looked at him and continued smiling. “I’m sorry Michael.” She said. “For what?” he responded. “Because it took me so long to do this.” Michael didn’t know what to say. She      asked if she could sit with him as they ate lunch together and Michael agreed. They sat, ate, and laughed through the lunch period.      When the bell rang for the next class, Michael stood up. “Thanks Kelly.” He said. “For what? This is what friends do for each other right?” she said. “Yeah” said Michael.


     From that day forward Michael didn’t bully anyone again. All this time all Michael wanted was a friend. All this time he wanted attention, the attention of a friend, but since he thought that he didn’t have any real friends he decided to live the life that everyone thought he was; The life of a bully.


     Her skills obtained through CFMAF taught her how to stop a potential violent situation through kindness and understanding first. On this day Kelly became a great teacher and to Michael, she became a good friend.


     Isaac Costley 

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