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A friend of mine in Colorado Springs called me excited that he had just bought a new car.  Well, at least a car new for him.  He told me about how he loved the paint job, the interior smelled like new, and the rims were really expensive.  He told me about the nice interior and stereo system.  He then told me that he almost made a mistake and bought the same vehicle from another guy who wanted $3000 more. "He was trying to rip me off" my friend said. "I got this one for just $5000."  


Soon he brought the vehicle over to me at our karate school.  The kids in our kids karate class were excited to see his vehicle. He was beaming with pride over all the attention his vehicle was getting. To impress the kids he pressed the accelerator so they could hear the motor come to life.  "I told you I would find a bargain" he said while standing proudly beside his treasure.


A few months later he called me again.  I thought he was going to remind me about the great car he has, but instead the conversation went something like this. "Man, this ticks me off. The car was cutting off on me and not giving me the power it is supposed to.  I thought it may need premium gas, but that didn't help either. The other day the engine began knocking and the car cut off.  I had to get it towed to the mechanic and they found all types of things wrong.  It’s going to cost me almost $6000 to fix this stuff."  


As I listened to him I finally had to speak up.  I told him “You looked at the wrong thing when you bought it”, I told him.  You were more concerned with the price of the vehicle instead of focusing on the value it supplied.  You saw price and you ignored your cost.  Your price was $5000 but your cost is $11,000 because you minimized the VALUE of what you receive from a purchase."


Sadly, many people live that way.  They investigate more the “price” than they do “value”.  This is very common when people seek out Karate and Martial Arts classes.  It is important to see the difference between price and value.  We encourage people who call CFMAF family martial arts to come in and EXPERIENCE what we do and how do it.  Sure there are many who charge far more than we do for kids karate, family karate, and adult self-defense. But after taking our classes you will see and feel first hand our value.  You may even become like so many before you who have said  “That is all you charge? Wow”!  There are some who charge less than we do.  If you are merely focused upon their “price” you will soon realize your true “cost”. 


Don’t take short cuts when it comes to safety and security of you and your family. 


Don’t let your “cost” be an expensive one because you sought more the acquisition of a price instead of the implementation of knowledge obtained through the participation within the class.


At CFMAF family martial arts center, the value is found through the experience. This is why we invite you to come into the best martial arts, fitness center, and reality life arts center in all of Colorado Springs.  You don’t have to believe it by reading…You will believe it by experiencing it.

And in that you will…


Discover the Value.




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