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Free Community training event for those "On the Spectrum".


For those of us with Autism or who have been diagnosed as being "On The Spectrum," we have seen and experienced the challenges.  However, this diagnosis is not an "end all be all".  Many on the spectrum have been successful and have contributed positively to society. 

This Safety and Self Defense training class is designed to bring in those "On The Spectrum" and their loved ones as well.  Together, we explore, teach, learn, and practice safety skills at the individual level of each person attending.  

At CFMAF Martial Arts, we are not an exclusive facility, we are an inclusive facility.  We know that we cannot be all things for all people, but we may be the right place for you and we would like to contribute.  We hope that you will allow us to do so.  Click the link below to RESERVE your spots for this FREE COMMUNITY TRAINING EVENT... "SAFETY AND SELF DEFENSE FOR THOSE ON THE SPECTRUM". 


Our Children Are Excited To Be Outside.

It Is Up To Us To Keep Them Safe.

Join Us.


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