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Sincerely, Your Nations Vet

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Sincerely, Your Nations Vet

Alone at night
Hearing the clock as it ticks
Seconds into minutes
And I’m left to admit
I’m lonely.
Memories they haunt me
Sometimes still I smile
But inside I’m hurting
And yet all the while
I’m lonely.
Not sure what has happened
I can’t remember exactly when
I lost those most dear to me
The ones I called my friends
I’m lonely.
The lights on the houses
The trees I see them sway
Families all together
On this Christmas day, but
I’m lonely.
Months of deployment
Cots in a tent
Knowing where I am
But not sure why I was sent
I’m lonely.
People please hear me
Please listen to what I say
To you this is something special
To me just another day
I’m lonely.
Just like years before
There are some laying around
Not within a house
We sleep upon the ground
We’re lonely.
We have our wishes to
In this I do confess
My dream was never to be forgotten
Or to be homeless
I’m lonely.
This time of year
You celebrate
But we try to forget
You await for present received
We ask “Is this day over yet?”
We’re lonely.
Our weapons they are gone
Our uniforms they are too
The war for us it’s over
We still struggle to make it through
We’re lonely.
The presents you receive are lovely
The fruits we receive are few
Vets like us forgotten
What are we to do
We’re lonely.
So on this Christmas Day
When you share your smile
Remember vets like us are lonely
And wish just for a while
To be noticed.
When you visit the store for items
And glance away as if we’re not here
Try to remember we once fought for you
In spite of all our fear.
We now pray for the gift of peace
That is our major wish
To be whole again instead of in pieces
So please remember this
We’re lonely.
So don’t turn away and ignore us
We are people too
We want to enjoy this Christmas
Just as much as you.

A smile and hello with warm us
That’s a present we won’t forget
And we thank you for remembering us
Sincerely, your nations Vet.

Isaac Costley

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