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Talk Less, Do more.

Talk Less, Do more.

It is often he who has created nothing who is the loudest to critique the positive efforts of others. Talk less, do more.

I was speaking with a student recently at our Colorado Springs martial arts school.  This student who was upset because someone has done what has become the norm in today's society. The person has become a "keyboard warrior". The student was upset because this person was saying "this thing that wasn't true, and that thing that wasn't true, and then the person said this as well."

I looked at my clock and counted the minutes that the student used to tell me of how hurt she is over this. When she completed I asked "So how does it feel?". "How does what feel" she responded. "How does it feel to give this person 12 minutes of your life that you will never give back."

I explained to her that she needs to refocus and instead of feeling hurt over that persons words, celebrate them. "How am I suppose to celebrate what she said?" "Its easy" I said in response. "That person took untold minutes to think negative thoughts about you, speak them to others, go onto different social media sites to write about you. This person has put more thought into you than she put into herself.  In the time that she plotted someone else has created an idea to help others.  Some else has placed a plan in action to positively impact the lives of thousands or millions.  Someone else has listened to the pain of friend and brought that friend to realize that life is precious and he is loved.  This person you are speaking of wrote bad things that in just a little of time, no one will remember.  Isn't it nice to be thought of?"

I continued "For someone to take such time and effort means that they are jealous of your accomplishments, your strengths, your positive impact on those around you. That person is the one with the problem because they are using the time dedicated for their life to speak of you. In a sense they have surrendered a precious gift...TIME." She nodded her head in understanding.

I finished with saying "Is this person your spouse?" "No" she said. "Is this person your daughter or son?" "No." she said.  "Is this person someone you love dearly and consider a close and true friend?" Again her answer was no.  "Then don't give this person the time that only those who truly matter to you deserve."

It is often the person who has created nothing who is the loudest to critique the positive efforts of others. One day with maturity, hopefully this person will learn to Talk less and Do More thing positive."

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