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He's Following Me!

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He's Following Me!

She saw him behind her. She quickened her pace, but that did not seem to shake him. She turned left on the trail. He did the same. She kept looking over her shoulder, but he continued forward.

As time continued, he continued to bridge the gap between her and him. "I will run" she said to herself. She ran at a pace that quickly tired her. She had to stop to catch her breath. Although he never ran, he kept walking in the same direction...towards her. As she continued to catch her breath she could see that he was still getting closer.

She came to the end of the trail where she would need to turn around. She knew that by going back in the direction that she just came, she would need pass him.

No one was around. She pulled from her leggings her cell phone and attempted to call a friend, but there was no signal. Still he was approaching. She kept her eyes gazed upon him as he became closer and closer.

"Remember your training" she kept saying to herself. "Acknowledge him, let him know that you see him. Don't turn my back."

She decided to walk toward him, her only other choice was to stay where she was and allow him to approach her. As the distance between the two of them narrowed she looked at the width of the trail. She determined at which point she wanted to attempt to pass him. "The width of the trail is bigger there. If he tries to pull me or push me he has a longer distance to move me. There seems to be less loose rocks there, so I will have better footing. Stay to the outside edge of the trail. Space equals time. Make him bridge the gap, so I can see him, then I can act instead of react. Focus! Remember, your training." She was surprised how easily all the training that she received from CFMAF Martial Arts in Colorado Springs came back to her.

The gap continued to narrow as they approached each other. Stopping 8 feet in front of her, he moved to the side of the trail and smiled. "Good morning" he said "A great day for a hike" he said as he moved further to the side of the trail and motioned for her to pass. She acknowledge him. "Yes, it is." she said "I like your shirt" she said letting him know that she truly noticed him and what he was wearing. As she began to pass him, she continued to face him, and keep distance between them. As she passed, he continued in his direction to the end of the trail.

As she continued her hike back to the starting point. She replayed everything in her mind. Things she had learned in her training at CFMAF Martial Arts "Did I check my phone as I hiked to note where there was phone service? Did I continue to scan the area taking note of my A.O.R. (Area of Responsibility, the space around me that I control)? When did I noticed him behind me? What did concepts did I put into motion when I thought he was following me? I acknowledge him by looking back letting him know I see him. I varied my pace. I noted my surroundings. I noted things that may help improve my probability of being the victor not the victim if attacked. Improve and increase space, this gives me time to act instead of react. Note the condition of the terrain I am on. Do not turn my back. Verbally acknowledge him, let him know not only do I see him, but I note things about him. And be calm."

"Be Calm" she kept repeating to herself. "Wow, this entire time I was fearful, but prepared. I was not paranoid, but prepared.I was able to function in spite of fear, instead of becoming a captive to my fear."

She smiled as remembered the instructors at CFMAF Martial Arts tell her that a one time class for an hour or two does not make you proficient if attacked on the street. Perfect practice leads to better execution of techniques. She heard them that day and she made the decision to enroll and train. Her smile broadened "I am so glad I made that choice." she out loud.

On this day nothing bad happened. It was an encounter like many others while out hiking or walking your neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The other person on the trail meant no harm. But not all people are like him. And not all people are like...PREPARED. She was prepared because she continued training when others never took training or may worse, some took a one time class and mistakenly thought that was enough.

Are you prepared?

Do you have a Pre-Attack Plan?

Become prepared and develop a Pre-Attack Plan by beginning your training at CFMAF today.

The greatest lesson learned does not have to come from a negative situation in the real world. The right preparation could determine that the next negative situation does not have to have you as a participant.

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