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Summer Camp 2022

The Colorado Springs' #1 Summer Camp

We are now accepting new Summer Camp students for our AWESOME Summer Camp featuring FREE MARTIAL ARTS! If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 5 - 12, who wants your child to have tons of FUN, and to stay healthy and active in a safe environment, then keep reading about how you can save your child's spot in the #1 Summer Camp in Colorado Springs!

We are not a daycare, county park, or babysitter. We are much better! We are a single-focused Summer Camp dedicated to helping your child become his or her best through the learning of martial arts. Our single focus is to build up your child to succeed in School, Sports, and Life, by participating in our full-day summer camp featuring martial arts! While other summer camps simply “babysit” their students all day... WE WILL EMPOWER YOURS!

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We have all seen the Karate Kid and Daniel-san learning the martial arts without realizing he was learning the martial arts! Activities sometimes viewed to be outside martial arts, actually possess elements that are favorable to the martial arts and vice versa! Our exciting camp will not have your children painting fences, but they will enjoy exciting drills found in many sports that actually improve their overall martial arts experience and they will enjoy martial arts that will actually improve their performance in other sports as well as help them to grow as a person!

Did you know... That two of the most popular activities that professional athletes participate in are Martial Arts & Dance? Who can forget Jean Claude Van Damme dancing in his movie "The Kickboxer?" Flexibility and Rhythm are two important aspects in every sport including Martial Arts.  Your children will love demonstrating these skills at our camp and improving upon them as well.


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Every class we offer is designed to set and achieve goals, make new friends, and continue their journey of being and doing their best! This includes beginning the journey of earning a black belt! Give your child an amazing opportunity to have fun, build friendships and learn! Our camp will include engaging activities like Martial Arts, Team Sports, and Creative Arts!

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Martial Arts consists of many elements that enhance your child's performance and fun in various sports like football, basketball, base/softball, soccer. If you are ready for your child to develop Confidence, Discipline, Focus and Respect to become their best, then you have come to the right camp!   Bully Protection & Anti Abduction skills, as well as increased coordination, are just some of what your child will receive in our camp. Your child will learn how to set goals, create a plan, and finish the plan,  all while making new friends on the same  journey of earning a black belt! 

Our Summer Camp "disguises" the Martial Arts repetitions by utilizing drills found in many sports!  Talk about fun! Your kids learn martial arts skills that help them excel in all sports! Flexibility, Conditioning, Eye Hand & Eye Foot Coordination is a necessity in all sports.  We found how to introduce it all through our Martial Arts Summer Camp.  Contact us today and save your child's spot ASAP before we are sold out!

Rhythm, Movement, and Tumbling are all important aspects of Martial Arts and are of course included in our Summer Camp. Your child is going to have a blast! You will see a huge improvement in your child's strength, coordination, rhythm and flexibility! "The best fight ever fought is the fight that is never fought." Teaching children how to use their words to avoid a fight is as important as teaching them how to defend themselves. Our innovative instructional methods will teach your children these valuable skills.  

Each week your child will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting indoor and outdoor activities, educational lessons, arts and crafts, and much more, all designed to elevate their Martial Arts experience! The BEST part is that these awesome activities are included in your affordable membership! Our summer camp is operated by trusted coaches who have years of experience and who have all passed the same background check required for Teachers!

Our office hours are from 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday. Our phone number is: 719-375-0718. A member of our team is happy to chat with you right now!

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