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Martial Arts Programs

CFMAF Hybrid Hapkido was founded as a learning and training institution, where the community could come together to practice and learn to defend themselves through the martial arts discipline of Hybrid Hapkido.

Hybrid Hapkido is known throughout the world for incorporating the strengths and benefits of many martial arts systems, while eliminating their perceived weaknesses.


Brief Class Descriptions

Lil Warriors

Our Lil Warriors program (formely Lil Dragons) is different than other programs for children throughout Colorado. Due to so many people now using the name lil dragons we have changed our program for children beginning at the age of 3 to Lil Warriors. As a parent stated to us “We went to another schools Lil Dragons program before finding you and we were shocked at how different and more complete of a program yours is. The names are the same but nothing else is even similiar!” Well no more confusion! Our Lil Warriors program stands alone in quality and continues to add more skill sets to the children participating. We are the only school in Colorado that continously seeks and receives guideance from the industry leader in children martial arts…Kimber Hill. Click here for more information


Kids Hybrid Hapkido

In this fun and exciting class we focus on teaching discipline, moral character, parental respect, self worth, confidence, weight management, and overall respect. Kids Awareness Protection and Defense (Anti-Abduction skills), Police Reporting, Billy the Bully Buster techniques, verbal judo, and rolling, tumbling, punching and kicking round out this curriculum. Click here for more information


Adult Hybrid Hapkido

This class teaches a combination of systems and styles consisting of striking, kicking, ground fighting, joint locks, throwing/flipping, pressure points, and assault defenses from Hapkido, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and more. Hybrid Hapkido is a Reality Life Arts system teaching real techniques for the real world. Law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and every day citizens currently use these techniques. Why train in one system when you can have the best from them all. This class is in high demand, enroll today. Click here for more information



(Selected Warriors Advanced Training) This class consists of students selected by Isaac Costley to learn sparring and combative techniques, advanced drills and locking, concepts and strategies, and additional training time with the head instructor.



This class focuses on continued repetition of selected techniques consisting of joint locks and strategic strikes, knees, elbows, shin techniques. This class is designed to improve your overall knowledge and application of techniques.
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Cross Training

The principle behind Hybrid Hapkido is a simple one. “If it works use it.” To determine which techniques fit the realism concept of Hybrid Hapkido we continually upgrade current techniques and seek out new concepts and techniques to add to our curriculum. But all of the techniques require some type of conditioning which can be found in Cross Training. No, Cross Training is not “required” to be a member of Hybrid Hapkido, but remember I believe in being at your best. Career criminals train in their craft to assault you. Don’t you think you should train in yours to defeat them? Click here for more information


Massage Therapy

We are offering a free 30 minute massage or a discounted 60 minute massage with enrollment!

Heather Anderson is our massage therapist at CFMAF. She is a graduate of Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and has been considered one of the to students by her instructors. Heather specializes in many forms of massage such as Swedish, Hot Stone, Sports/Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, upper body myofascial, pregnancy massage and more. Heather has been involved in sports all of her life ranging from volleyball, to dancing, weight lifting and martial arts. Click here for more information