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Keepin' It Real - 2018 Training Event
June 15 - 17, 2018

Self Defense Colorado Springs


CFMAF, is again hosting THE REALITY EVENT of Olympic proportions in Colorado Springs, the home of the Olympic Training Center, Pikes Peak, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

This event is specializing in showing how to adapt some techniques taught within a martial arts school (dojang/dojo), while also introducing techniques specifically designed for real-world application that you may not find being taught within a traditional martial arts setting.  As a former attendee had said "This seminar is not about where the technique came from.  It is about where we are able to go after using the technique in the real world...Home." 

Along with the many techniques and drills being taught. This seminar will include themed training sessions to include but not limited to:

*Explosively closing the gap.  Footwork and drills to build explosive power to bridge the gap.
*Mitts for a positive Street experience (mitt drills with street applications)
*Grab me Grab You (Clothing Grabs) how to use your clothing to aid in techniques when the person first grabs your clothing
*Lock It Up. Effective locks and how to obtain & utilize them for the street. 
*You are hooked.  Effective defense against the haymaker, sucker punch, and hook punch on the street.
*All Choked Up.  Effective chokes to use on the street without needing a jacket/gi/dobuk top.
*All Choked Up 2.  Effective chokes to use on the street with the aid of your clothing.
*A leg up.  Effective strikes using your legs, shins, and knees, to the legs, body, and head.
*Hold Me Close.  Close Quarter Victory techniques using Neck manipulations, elbows, knees from the close quarter position.
*You Fall for nothing.  High percentage throws & takedowns for street applications.
*Down but Not Out.  Once upon the ground how to effectively finish from there.
*Car Jacked Defense
*Handgun disarms
*Knife offensive and defensive.
*Knife strips 
*The Red Line.  Rapid Attack Knife attacks that leave red marks on your body and shirt 
*Mass Shooter/Theater Scenario training  
*You had me from hello.  Close quarter defense from grabs such as front/rear/side bear hugs, full & half nelson, headlocks, rear naked choke defense.
*I am being BLUNT. Blunt object defense.
*In the Swing of It.  Applications offensively, defensively, and disarms of using 1 and/or 2 sticks.


Self Defense Colorado Springs


The training list of instructors continue to grow and will continue to do so by the time this event arrives.  Each instructor will introduce you to techniques and work with you to increase your knowledge and skill to the best of your ability.  Techniques originating from American, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and other cultures, will be presented by notable instructors with one common theme...Increase your preparation for the real world. 
Event Registration:

Self Defense Colorado Springs

Self Defense Colorado Springs

Training Schedule:

Friday, June 15th

5:30 - 7 pm Punch Defense (Haymaker, over hand right, straight right)
7 - 8:30 pm Throat and Hair Grab Defense
8:45 - 9:45 MASS (Mass Attack Survival Skills)
10 - 11:30 Mass Shooter (Distract Attack Smother Cover) for conference room/school/theater
11:30 -1a Handgun & Rifle Disarms
1-2 a MASS (Mass Attack Survival Skills)

Saturday, June 16th

8 - 9:30a Hand gun & Rifle Disarms
9:30 - 11:00a Knife Survival
11 - 12p MASS (Mass Attack Survival Skills)
12-1p Lunch
1-2:30p Take This! Effective Take Downs
2:30 - 4p Effective ground for the street
4:15 -5:15p MASS (Mass Attack Survival Skills)
5:30- 7p All Choked Up Self Defense that LEADS to you choking out your adversary
7 - 8:30p All Choked Up 2. Effective choke escapes (front choke/guillotine/side choke/rear naked choke standing/various chokes from the ground
9 - 10p Dinner at Huhot Mongolian Grill 5843 Constitution Ave (Powers and Constitution)

Sunday June 17th

4 - 5:30a Mass Shooter Theater (James or do you want to roll that into Active Shooter on Friday at 10 pm)
or 4 - 5:30a Leave my house (how to clear your home with 2 people to secure your family)
5:30 - 7:00a Stickin' To It (Effective use of a 1 and/or 2 sticks and disarms of blunt object weapons)
7:00 - 8:30a Car Jacked Defense
8:30 - 10:00a Let It Flow (transitions from striking to locks to take downs)
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