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The Struggle

The Struggle. 

The man standing but his stance broken. 
Shoulders hunched over, head bowed defeated with shame. 
"Notice me" he screams without speaking, while his body proclaims "I am not seen." 

The Struggle. 

He holds up high a sign saying "Help Please",
The sign held higher than his self esteem for he feels that he has none. 
I glance and quickly turn my head away
Acknowledging the fact
That I
Refuse to acknowledge him. 

The Struggle. 

"God bless this man. Turn his life around"
I silently pray as I continue to feed the hunger within my stomach,
While ignoring the starvation within his. 
I pray for his blessing while ignoring still 
That God placed me here, now, this very moment
To be his blessing. 
But instead
I chose to be the warden of his curse
Keeping him imprisoned
Instead of offering the grace of pardon. 

The Struggle.

As I drive away, my vehicle full with the smells 
Of the food I will soon consume. 
His eyes meet mine. 
"Turn Away" my mind says to him
Yet still we remain fixated upon one another. 
His lips move "God Bless You" he speaks. 
"God Bless me?" I question to myself. 
This man chooses to bless me even when I chose not to be his blessing. 
I turn away as the tears take claim to my once dry eyes. 
"God Bless me?" I whisper. 

The Struggle. 

My heart weighs heavy with the burden that 
I have placed upon myself. 
I turn around. 
This will not be my legacy, the man receiving a blessing, but never being a blessing. 
I approach where he stood
My eyes search
My heart screams "I will help you through...
The Struggle. 
I search, I search, I search
Let me be your blessing. 
I cannot find him. 
My searching now does not erase 
My not taking action then. 
Where now is my blessing, the man who blessed me?
Now I live within your struggle. 
I wrestle within myself
That you blessed me
And I sentenced you to remain within the curse. 
That even for a moment
I had the power
To grant you a reprieve
A pardon 
Momentary relief
The Struggle.

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