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  • Victim to Victor, A story of choice in Colorado Springs

    7 Steps from Victim to Victor of an Assault
    It is a typical night in Colorado Springs. You have just stopped to pick up an item from the grocery store. It is dark, late, but not too late. You don't have many items, so you do not see the need to push the cart any further than the front door. You grab the bags, wrap them around your wrists, secure them in your arms, and walk toward your vehicle in the parking lot. You hear something behind you. You turn to see where the noise is coming from. Someone is walking behind you? His pace is increasing! Is he following you? Your mind is racing, Your Heart is Pounding! What do you do?
    This is just one real life scenario that people, ....

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  • Colorado Springs! Are you Helping or Hindering?

    Boundaries...Helping or Hindering
    February 2, 2011 at 10:40pm Boundaries…Helping or Hindering?
    It is obvious that today’s world is a fast paced one. Along with parents working, we are shuffling our children from baseball, to volleyball, to church activities, to Karate classes all over Colorado Springs,etc. etc. In our desire to ensure that our children are well rounded, we have gotten them involved in every activity imaginable. Then it happens…OVERLOAD! “Mom, I don’t want to go Karate or Martial Arts anymore. It’s always the same thing.” “Dad, I don’t want to do baseball anymore its boring.” ....

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  • The Mark of a Timeless Leader

    Melissa J. Gonzalez SPHE 417- Leadership Concepts in Coaching Assignment 3; Mentorship in Coaching- The Mark of a Timeless Leader A mentor is someone that you can look up to. Someone who can teach you about life, offer advice, “been there done that” experience and can guide and speak to you in a way which others don’t seem to have. They get you. It is a special occasion for someone to earn the title of Mentor. You may not even know they are earning that until you chose to take their advice, or you go to them and for some reason it just makes sense. This is someone you can go to for a variety of things and they will always say something ....

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  • Discover the Value in Colorado Springs

    Discover the Value
    A friend of mine in Colorado Springs called me excited that he had just bought a new car. Well, at least a car new for him. He told me about how he loved the paint job, the interior smelled like new, and the rims were really expensive. He told me about the nice interior and stereo system. He then told me that he almost made a mistake and bought the same vehicle from another guy who wanted $3000 more. "He was trying to rip me off" my friend said. "I got this one for just $5000." Soon he brought the vehicle over to me at our karate school. The kids in our kids karate class were excited to see his vehicle. He was beaming with pride over all the attention ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense Classes in Colorado Springs!

    Check out our new website for Calvary Family Martial Arts & Fitness!
    We proudly serve the Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, and Fountain areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Self Defense and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Youtube ....

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  • Upcoming Events in Colorado Springs

    Self-defense knowledge can help you in many unpredictable everyday situations. Through Events at CFMAF you can learn effective and high-quality self-defense techniques to protect yourself, and our loved ones. Our events in Colorado Springs teach you not only to be prepared, but also a new hobby.
    CFMAF Events:

    Spring/Summer Safety Series
    All events are available for kids and adults!
    Out and About in Colorado: April 15th, Saturday 10 am - Self Defense when hiking, or anywhere away from home
    Anti Abduction Summer Safety for kids: May 13th, Saturday 10 - Preparing the children for summer fun, while being safe (must rsvp)
    Carjacked/Handgun & Knife Defense Event: June ....

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