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  • Are you finished?

    Today is a cold day in Colorado Springs. I could make many excuses to justify why I should blow off my workout. The wind is blowing, there are some flurries, the roads may become slick, I can come up with a thousand excuses, but the fact is...They are all still excuses. So I put on my sweat shirt and my jacket to make sure I am layered up and out the door I go. As I drive I find that more and more reasons for me not to workout today kept creeping in my mind. You know the usual reason like "The drive is so long", "Traffic is bad this time of day", "The gym will be crowded". Then I remembered...All these reasons are simply my excuses. That fact is that today the gym just is not my priority. ....

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  • I Did Not Forget

    Tom was a busy man. He worked 10 hours a day and had a part time job. Being happily married for 8 years, Tom and his wife Lacy have been blessed with 2 beautiful children Michael 7 and Sarah 4. Tom adored his children, at least that is what he kept reminding himself to justify why he spent so much time away from home. Bills had to be paid, the house note was due, two cars, utilities, numerous credit cards, college student loans and on top of that, they had not even begun to invest towards their retirements or the children's college education. "Dad" asked Michael, "Can we go to the park today?" "Not today," replied his dad, "I need my rest, see Daddy has been working all week and ....

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  • The Callouses Upon My Hands

    I sat beside an elderly man months ago. The wrinkles upon his face were so deep that even his sweat became trapped between them. He never wiped the sweat away "Why waste my energy" he would say "they only come back again". Then he would laugh with his deep familiar raspy laugh. His chair would creek almost in a rhythmic beat. His pace never changed which means the creaking of his chair also remained the same. The shadow from the sun striking his overhanging porch ceiling supplied all the shadow he needed. The water to his right rested on his old coaster sitting on top of the wooden table he had made many decades ago. The waters glass seemed to imitating him as the glass would ....

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  • How much does it cost

    There are many questions that we hear as business owners and martial arts instructors. How many days are you open? What are you hours? How much does it cost? Those questions and others are very common. Each is important to the person calling, as they should be. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck. Those of us with some discretionary income must still budge to make sure that we are able to afford the extra things that we want in life. Some of the questions stated above are really easy to answer. Others, well not so easy. Here in our city of Colorado Springs there are many different Karate schools and kids activities for our children to participate in. When calling around you may receive ....

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  • A Rose By Any Other Name

    Urban Jungle Self Defense, Combat Techniques, Combatives, Krav Maga, Hapkido, Gracie Combatives, the list goes on and on of names used by people proclaiming to teach "the best" in self defense. Is there really one better than the rest? Is that a question that is more speculative than factual? Is it the art or is it the person that makes the art successful. History has shown that community at large always flocks towards a trend. Trends are often times based upon perception and not reality. Do you remember the tech bubble in the 90's. Mutual funds for 50% plus gains. The perception was the companies had to be making money, but the reality was the market was rising and returns were high ....

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  • Don't Believe The Hype...The Stranger Danger Lie

    The "Stranger Danger" Lie? When we put the numbers together on this one, we were SHOCKED, and we think you will be too.... Parents, stay with me on this one, because it's going to get controversial, but it's one of the most important things that a parent can know to keep their child safe .


    Here's the harsh bit of truth that isn't popular: The only reason the term "Stranger Danger" is popular is because it rhymes. We at CFMAF, have been teaching and preaching this for over a decade. Many educators come to us and say that they have this group or that ....

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  • I am no one's hero

    I am no ones hero. What is the definition of "Hero". An ordinary person performing extraordinarily in spite of his fear. I am no ones hero. A young man upon a ship, nauseous not from the violent rocking of the ship, but nauseous from the fear of facing the bullets that now ping off his craft but soon will find their way into the bodies of his brothers beside him as they storm the beaches of Normandy. I am no ones hero. Bitter cold cracking the skin of this service man, as the moist cold builds ice sickles upon his faces as he awaits another assault from the Chinese and Koreans. Still he fights on toward the enemy and in spite of the cold. I am no ....

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  • The Struggle

    The Struggle. The man standing but his stance broken. Shoulders hunched over, head bowed defeated with shame. "Notice me" he screams without speaking, while his body proclaims "I am not seen." The Struggle. He holds up high a sign saying "Help Please", The sign held higher than his self esteem for he feels that he has none. I glance and quickly turn my head away Acknowledging the fact That I Refuse to acknowledge him. The Struggle. "God bless this man. Turn his life around" I silently pray as I continue to feed the hunger within my stomach, While ignoring the starvation within his. I pray for his blessing while ignoring still That God placed me here, now, ....

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  • Which is the Best Martial Art?

    Which is THE BEST Martial Art? The question has been asked of me yet again, you know the one. No matter if I am in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, or my home city of Colorado Springs, every martial artist and wanna be martial artist asks this same question. The one that goes something like this, "Which martial art is better? Could a Karate guy beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, or The Undertaker of the WWE? Could Jet Li beat Mike Tyson? Could McGregor beat Mayweather? Or Maybe could Batman beat the Green Lantern?" You can change the martial art name and change the challeng er to whoever you would like it to be. The question remains the same, "Which martial art is better?" ....

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